Our Cotton

All Hausammann+Moos Textile AG fabrics are created thanks to the accurate job of designers and highly qualified technical personnel.

Our offer ranges from cotton to comfort fabrics and cotton blends, for instance cotton and silk or cotton and wool.

What is famous all over the world is definitely our jersey, a knitting for dynamic and modern people. Thanks to its wide range of colors, it is the best article to feel elegant and modern at the same time. Its soft and polished touch is perfect for any occasion – from going to work to enjoy your free time.

Since the acquisition of Hausammann+Moos 1811 Textile AG by C. Tessile S.p.A. Group, the offer of shirt fabrics has expanded, both for women and men. The articles offered are manufactured with weaves which range from 120/2 to 140/2, or from 170/2 to 200/2.

Our collection, therefore, consists of several products for classic but fashionable weights, patterns and colors.