Our Partners


In 2015 Hausammann+Moos 1811 Textile AG was acquired by Canclini Tessile S.p.A. This has made possible the expansion of the product offer, especially in the field of high-quality shirting, where Canclini has been a global leader for years.

The Hausammann+Moos 1811 Textile AG woman-world knowledge and the Canclini ability to manufacture refined fabrics have created a perfect synergy to offer the richest and most complete collection on the market.


Emstex Textile GmbH is a Austrian company which collaborates with Hausamman+Moos 1811 Textile AG for finishes.

It is a leading company in this sector and guarantees expertise, rapidity and flexibility in treating fabrics.

Thanks to its own historic background, an expert team of operators, high-tech machinery and highly-innovative finishes, it offers its customers an excellent product – and that is the reason why it was chosen by Hausammann+Moos 1811 Textile AG for finishing its fabrics.