Our Philosophy

Our mission is producing clothing and shirt fabrics which are thought  and manufactured for customers who love quality, style, research and innovation.

In order to obtain perfect fabrics, we must pay attention to several elements, which our philosophy embraces:

  • The choice to use only selected and fine yarns.
  • The capability to be able to follow the production chain step by step, which ranges from spinning to weaving, to dyeing and finishing.

For instance, what we use are in vitro-finishing, nanotechnologies and high-tech innovations that allow us to offer a one-of-a-kind product.

All our collections meet Oeko Tex 100 and Oeko Tex 100+ standards, and we can boast our belonging to Swiss+Cotton, which guarantees that there are no harmful substances on the products that could be dangerous for our health, in addition to a human-ecological quality to the end user. We also offer a selection of GOTS-certified organic fabrics.

Nevetheless, our personal philosophy goes beyond fabrics – we truly care  about the future of our planet, and therefore we pay a lot of attention to use water cleverly. Water is such a precious resource that we want to treat it accordingly, both by avoiding wasting it and by monitoring the production process in which it is used, such as dyeing and finishing.